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New G-SMU Hardware Platform
More powerful G-SMU now available.
New Busy Channel and Repeater Mode Options
New "Busy Channel" detection and G-202 "Repeater Mode" now available.
Powerful Adaptive TX Delay Feature
Groundbreaking "Adaptive Transmit Delay" feature now available.
New Expanded System Feature
Major new "Expanded System" feature now available.
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Global Communications Technology provides flexible, rugged, optionally network-based products that solve a wide variety of communication problems and enhance communications between disparate systems.

G-408 Intercommunication System

The G-Series products provide simultaneous crossconnection of different radio networks while also seamlessly interconnecting other forms of communications such as telephone, public address systems, wireless carriers, and SATCOM.

Modules in G-408/G-404 Web UI

Our G-408 and G-404 communications platforms take advantage of a wide variety of plug-in modules that can be combined in any configuration, making them the most versatile tool available for interconnecting dissimilar types of communications devices.

All of Global Communication Technology's products offer a multilingual web-based interface that provides trivially easy setup and operations with no software to install. The need for complex operator training is essentially non-existent.

Although valuable to anybody with audio connectivity challenges, agencies such as Fire and Police departments can rely on Global Communications Technology's products to effectively communicate in any emergency - even in demanding tactical and mobile environments. First responders will have confidence knowing everyone can work together as a team - even if they maintain their own communication systems.

Use Global Communications Technology products to solve your communication problems today!

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